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last update: September,17th, 2006h

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new: order page for various stuff featuring Vectorzoa games & Maccallan 3D-Imager
If you just want to buy stuff this is this is what youíre looking for

This site is dedicated to various projects and ideas in technology and electronics

All projects are based on my ideas, intention and/or gathered information from the internet. If I found information somewhere Iíll mention the source.

If you have no idea what these documents deal with I strongly encourage you to keep your hands away from any chemical, electricity, tool, soldering iron, sheet of paper or whatever I used  in the projects!

All information here is free for private use only.

I do not follow commercial interests on this site! Its just some little private site about what I am doing to kill time.



Recent updates:

Sep 17/2006: whoa long time no update, just some VecVoxX pictures added and order page updated with plenty of products:-)

Jun 1/2006: added StarSling order page

Feb 11/2006: added final 3D Imager look!, added Overlay photos, added VecVoxX, updated multiconn

Sep 16/2005: added 3D Imager for Vectrex (proof of concept!)

Aug 30/2005: added vectrex multiconn v1.1 shematic

Aug/19/2005: added Vectrex Arcade Stick, updated Vectrex Lightpen, updated Vectrex multiconn

Jul/07/2005: added future Project CAT

May/29/2005: added Vectrex Lightpen, Gamepad and Multiconn

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