To give you the best comfort I will let you choose the packaging of your items.

I also added information what fits into each kind of packaging so you have an idea which to choose:

Simply select the desired packaging and add it to the paypal basket. needless to say packaging is free and you only need one packaging ;-)

small bubblewrap envelope:

savely carries:

-up to 3 multicarts or slimcarts or

-one VecVoxX base + 1 slimcart

weight: 5g





medium bubblewrap envelope:

savely carries:

-two VecVoxXes and 5 multicarts/slimcarts and thre lightpens

weight: 30g





large bubblewrap envelope:

savely carries:

-one 3D Imager and two VecVoxXes and 8 multicarts/slimcarts and one set of Overlays

weight: 90g






medium bubblewrap envelope with strong paper:

can be combined with large envelope to savely ship less than 10 overlays

savely carries:

-up to one set of overlays (23pcs.) or

-two slimcart games with overlay

weight: 40g


small strong paper box:

savely delivers:

-one game in Vectorzoa plastic box and two VexVoxXes and 5 overlays and two lightpen and 4 multicarts/slimcarts

weight: 100g



big strong paper box:

impossible to get damaged even in rougher countries :-

savely delivers:

-two 3D Imagers, 4 VecVoxXes, 50 overlays, 10 multicarts/slimcarts and 8 lightpens or

-four games in Vectorzoa plastic case and 2 VecVoxXes and 23 overlays and 3 lightpens and 3 multicarts/slimcarts

-one game in Vectorzoa plastic case and one 3D Imager and 23 overlays  and 4 multicarts/slimcarts and 3 lightpens and 2 VecVoxXes

weight: 222g



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