Vectrex LightPen


he other day I decided to build some LightPen for my Vectrex since the originals were not what you would call cheap.

when I hit I discovered some nice manual for building Vectrex Lightpens on your own. I redid the shematic in Eagle, etched some nice PCB and this was the result:

(Lightpen PCB with parts)

Having wired the PCB to some 9 pin sub-d connector and using some permanent marker as case I ended up having some 100% working Lightpen looking like being build by factory. Since the LightPen was a marker before it also comes with some nice “protection cap”.

(LightPen with protection cap)

Since I made a PCB you can get shematic in .pdf format here.

(picture being drawn using ArtMaster)


Redid the PCB layout in SMD that saves lot of time when soldering :-)


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